School Supply List

K-2nd Grade Supply List
-1 pack of 6 regular size gluesticks
-2 packs of wide-ruled paper
-1 pack of 24 crayons (NO twistables)
-1 box of Fat Washable Crayola Markers
-Small backpack that your child can wear on their back (please no roller backpacks/label with child's name)
-36-#2 pencils
-8 color crayola water color set
-1 Pink Eraser
-leak proof water bottle with sport cap (cap that doesn't require screwing and unscrewing)
-4 2-pocket folders (heavy-duty)
-3 Compartment Art Caddy
-2 1-subject spiral notebooks

Kindergarten Only
-A change of clothes in case of accidents placed in a zip lock bag with your child's name on it
-A pillow and blanket/towel for rest time (labeled with child's name)

For PE
-Tennis shoes (if student will not wear tennis shoes every day, please leave an extra pair at school with child's name on them)
-Gym shorts/sweats

For Classroom
-2 boxes of Kleenex
-Paper Towels
-2 pack Clorox Wipes

-Please do not label the school supplies unless specified
-Please do NOT bring:

     -Sugar candy
     -Toys, except if it is your child’s Show & Tell for Friday's(after Show & Tell the toy must be placed back in the student’s cubby or backpack for the rest of the day)
     -Rolling backpacks
     -Personal pencil sharpeners
     -Any other supplies that are not on the supply list


 3rd-8th Grade Supply List

Bible Class

  1. Bible
  2. 1 Subject Spiral Notebook

Language Arts

  1. 3 packs of loose-leaf lined paper (college 5th-8th, wide 3rd-4th)
  2. at least 24 #2 pencils
  3. pink eraser
  4. 2-pocket folder
  5. USB drive to transfer typed assignments between home and school


  1. Calculator (5th-8th)
  2. Protractor (4th-8th)
  3. 400 index cards (3rd-4th)
  4. Ruler
  5. optional:  individual whiteboard/dry erase pens
  6. 1-subject spiral notebook

Art Supplies

  1. 2 glue sticks
  2. clear tape
  3. liquid glue
  4. scissors
  5. water color paints

PE--Required for Daily Participation

  1. Tennis Shoes
  2. Gym shorts/sweats

Science/Social Studies

  1. 2 1-subject spiral notebooks


  1. 2 pack Clorox Wipes 
  2. 2 boxes Facial Tissue 
  3. Paper Towels